Progetto Erasmus + di sei settimane a Portsmouth


What a wonderful experience in Portsmouth! We were a group of eleven students: nine from our school and two guys from Turin.

For the first two weeks we participated to an English course at training vision offices where we focused on English grammar and the second week on the workshop.

We learnt the learning outcomes and how to make our own blog or how to do a presentation using computer pograms. The other four weeks we worked in our work placements which were: a bakery, a theatre, an Office and some restaurants.

It's been very interesting to enter the world of work, even if in a very basic way. Another important aspect has been our accomodations in families.

We got on very well with our hosts and in fact it's been not so easy to say goodbye to the members of the families.

Although this sadness, caused by the thought of out hosts, today we have a very positive memory about this experience! We can say for sure that we will never forget nothing for all our lives.

Elita Calamini, Lisa Aiazzi, Emanuele Sabatini, Bella Ivanova, Elena Corsini, Cosimo Bartoloni, Cecilia Rocchigiani, Alice Materassi, Rebecca Naldi.

Erasmus+Portsmouth1 Erasmus+Portsmouth2